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Our Bulk SMS Services

Promotional Bulk SMS

One-click to share the same short message to multiple recipients. Promotional Bulk SMS Service enables Swift to send, communicating the latest offers, sharing information related to sales, job recruitment, new opening, admission dates, and any customized message. We offer this facility at reasonable charges. Read more...

Transactional Bulk SMS

We offer the service of sharing a pre-recorded voice message to the bulk recipients. Transactional Bulk Voice SMS service allows verbal communication to share information like precautions, guidelines, promotional messages, etc. Beneficial for communicating with people deprived of technology and social media. Read more...

Miss Call Service

Business calls are essential for communication and marketing purposes. Missed Call Service includes the facility of sharing information of calls missed/blocked due to network disturbances. It helps to build two-way communication between businesses and customers. Read more...

OTP SMS Service

We offer a facility to ensure safe and secure authentication process while customer is sharing credentials. One-time password (OTP) SMS service enables two-way verification of authorized receiver and authorized provider. Protects customers from cyber-enabled frauds and online theft. Read more...

Bulk SMS Mobile

Click To Call Service

Allows linking the website or application to make an instant call. Click To Call service is essential for landing pages, Call-to-Action content and contact us services of the website. By clicking on simple button you get landed into a Free calls for communicating with prospective customers, This type of feature are mostly used in services provider firms Read more...


We provide Highly Effective SMPP Bulk SMS Services for a better communication gateway.It follows standard and secure protocol for SMS sent from one server to another, It is a more reliable and easier mode of data communication. It is fast, available in three modes, and is better than other available options.Read more...

Festive occasion & Events SMS Service

Just a click, multiple invites are sent to several recipients. Festive Occasions & Events SMS Service is a cost-effective and time-efficient solution, widely used in elections are campaigns Beneficial for communicating details of events in a short message. Read more...








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Why BUIK2SMS for Bulk SMS services:

BULK2SMS is among the most trusted and reliable Bulk SMS provider services in India. If you find it difficult to manage your business and client at the same time, or can’t properly communicate with your client, here, BULK2SMS will provide you an affordable tool for marketing in the form of Bulk SMS. Now one thing that comes to mind what is this Bulk SMS? It is a simple SMS service by which you can send your personalized SMS to hundreds even thousands of people in just one click. Bulk2SMS service can be accessed through both desktop and mobile. We must know that marketing with proper strategy is of prime importance for any business. Whatever business you are doing you need to reach your right customer who really needs your service. If you know how to reach new customers and how to maintain contact with old customers, your business would be more profitable. Now a day, all traditional businesses are being converted into digital businesses. Each businessman besides using other marketing tools, also considers this service as an important pathway to reach their potential customers. Almost 60-70 % budget is being consumed or you may say invested by marketers in Bulk SMS service. Bulk2SMS service is helping many marketers to get their businesses to flourish at right time.

Benefits of Bulk SMS services in Marketing and leads:

The benefits of Bulk SMS from a business perspective cannot be denied. Even if you are running an institute, school, hospital, or a shop, you can use this service to solve your most of problems

  • 1) You may reach your customers by simply sending an SMS. You can make the aware customer of your services and products (Reach out there through SMS)
  • 2) It reaches directly in the hands of the customer
  • 3) Wherever your customer is, it would reach there
  • 4) Sent SMS can easily be tracked with the help of delivery reports
  • 5) You can connect with your potential customers by sending them personalized SMS.
  • 6) You will find this marketing tool more economic and reliable in comparison to other marketing tools
  • 7) This tool is very much easy to use and saves time. By using this service you can send your SMS to multiple persons at the same time. With just one click you can reach thousands of customers.
  • 8) Higher chances to get open; Research shows almost 92% of SMS are opened after delivery within 3 to 4 minutes, in other words, the more SMS got opened conversion rates are increased exponentially in the same manner.
  • 9) By using this service, one can send promotional or transactional information also in groups containing a huge audience
  • 10) Bulk SMS is more trustworthy because these SMSes are not received by traditional mobile numbers rather by unique IDs. Customers won’t consider it as a spam activity
  • 11) Mostly, Bulk SMS contains the URL of the concerned website which enhances the authenticity of the service provider
  • 12) These Bulk SMS can also be scheduled to be delivered at a particular time and date.
  • 13) You can send these messages by using either a mobile phone or computer.
  • 14) In the case of traditional SMS one has to type a message and send it, however, in the case of Bulk SMS there are a lot of tools and software available which are easy to use.
  • 15)SMS marketing is cost-effective and doesn’t have printing or postage costs.
  • 16) We can say that Bulk SMS provides an opportunity for global reach.
  • 17) Tailored pricing model can be designed providing flexible packages to upscale featured capacity.
  • 18) Bulk SMS service provides easy system integration. Instead of reinventing the wheel, one can adjust features with programmable APIs to meet matchless specifications.
  • 19) Bulk SMS provides a direct connection between brand and consumer, build loyalty, hence, driving more sales. 20)For promotional and transactional messages, Bulk SMS provides the most convenient channel.
  • 20)For promotional and transactional messages, Bulk SMS provides the most convenient channel.

How to buy Bulk SMS packages from BULK2SMS?

Bulk2SMS provides a safe and secure way to get your SMS delivered. It is a user-friendly tool. You can follow these simple steps to purchase your amazing package for Bulk SMS

  • 1) First of all if you are a new user sign up to bulk2sms
  • 2) Then log in to the bulk2sms portal
  • 3) After all go to the pricing page from the header
  • 4) Then select plan according to your budget
  • 5) There will be buy buy button below every package
  • 6) Pay by online methods which are available on our site
  • 7) AAfter successful payment we will credit the SMS package to your account

Why SMS are more effective rather than Email Marketing?

No doubt both email and SMS play a significant role in overall marketing. Both hold unique abilities to grab current and future loyal audiences. But when we have to choose, which one would work best in terms of high conversion rates? We should keep in mind their key points which make them distinguishable. Actually, marketers have five key variables to weigh before starting a campaign. These include deliverability, open rate, cost, customization, and most importantly click-through rate. Nowadays consumers are more distracted than ever before. Just think about the situation you are watching television while scrolling on your mobile phone, or listening to a podcast while reading work email, the challenge is getting difficult to meet for marketers in order to get the attention of their audience with every new coming day. Marketing through text messages has more people’s attention. This can be justified by estimated figures of 98% average open rate for a text message in comparison to only 20% open rate through email. Moreover, replies through text messages take only 90 seconds for an average user as compared to 90 minutes in the case of an email reply. In this distracting world, SMS marketing can help to reach the right audience in the best possible time.

While using text message marketing, only engaged customers are included in the list to deliver, however, in the case of email marketing there is a long list, frequent sends, and have higher chances to be sent into the spam folder. This may break your trust and damage your reputation. In order to get your messages into your audience’s inbox, you have to work much harder. Another important aspect that highlights the importance of SMS marketing is the number of messages or emails received by a customer per day. For example, a person receives 200 emails from the office while he receives only 60 text messages. Obviously, text messages would get more clicks. There would be higher chances for your message to get delivered. The potential of click-through rates should be higher both in the case of email or SMS marketing. This rate would depend upon how well you have crafted your call-to-action. An email has an average CTR of about 4% rather, by using a better call to action, CTR can be manipulated many folds. Since it is difficult to craft a call to action in SMS marketing, the most powerful technique you can use to motivate your customers to act on an offer is providing them with a link. Always use a branded link so that customers immediately understand it and more likely to get followed. The cost to send an SMS varies from region to region and the length of a text message. Bulk SMS is purchased in order to get your business promoted to maximum potential clients. SMS marketing includes both time and money investments therefore, it should be used with care and accuracy. Text messages can be used for quick updates regarding marketing

Why Businesses need Bulk SMS and Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is actually a text message sent by a business consisting of essential information to avail their services. Usually, sent by an SMS company, customer invoices, shipping, tracking, and messages containing links to facilitate customers. Transactional SMS service provides a non-invasive channel that enables customers to receive and digest pieces of information when it is convenient for them. While talking about the efficiency of transactional or Bulk SMS, modern SMS software is quick and easy to use. Once settled, minutest efforts by human beings are required, which would, in turn, maximize enabling to redirect resources to other sections of the business. Bulk SMS is the most powerful medium for enterprises to communicate with active clients. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen start communication with clients today.

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